Peng & Weber

project scope

We will design and develop a fully responsive, custom WordPress site for Peng & Weber. The clean, professional and easy-to-navigate site will take full advantage of WordPress’ abilities and meet best practices in accessibility, coding, and caching.

To increase usability, interactivity and overall “pizzazz,” we’ll use AJAX and JQuery (a JavaScript library) where appropriate. Non-technical staff can easily update the site’s content.

In addition to smartphone and tablet, we will test in these desktop browser/OS combinations:

  • Chrome 73 (Windows 10 & Mac OSX)
  • Firefox Quantum 68 (Windows 10 & Mac OSX)
  • Safari 11 (Mac OSX)
  • Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)

about jeff brock studio

With 21 years of experience in web design and development, Jeff Brock Studio LLC applies a wide range of technical and creative expertise to enhance our clients’ web presence. We empower our clients with tools and training, so they can manage their own content after we launch their sites.

The Studio’s background as WordPress experts will allow us to exceed the needs of Peng & Weber’s stakeholders. Owner Jeff Brock was a featured speaker at WordCamp Seattle 2013 & 2015 (the largest WordPress event in the Pacific Northwest) and at WordCamp Vancouver 2013. His 2013 talk, “Client-Proofing Your WordPress Sites”, demonstrated the Studio’s commitment to making back-ends that are easy for clients to use. His 2015 talk, “Bootstrap Your WordPress Workflow”, described his approach to streamlining WordPress development with Bootstrap, Git, and other tools.

We use our time efficiently and are enthusiastically meticulous! We write clean code that is fast loading; is compliant with current web standards/best practices; and is easy for search engines to index. We have a robust testing environment with multiple web browsers and operating systems, as well as version control so we can easily revert to earlier variations of code. We build infrastructure with an eye toward enabling future site expansion.

View our design and development portfolio. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 206.698.4421 or [email protected].

section a: infrastructure

A1: Setup of new web hosting service

The web hosting provider we recommend is WP Engine. They’ve fine-tuned their hardware and software specifically to WordPress. The appropriate plan for Peng & Weber’s needs is the “Startup” plan, $35/month.

Some features include:

  1. Very speedy caching system with hundreds of WordPress-specific rules
  2. Automated daily backups, and unlimited manual backups, so the site can be instantly restored in a single click
  3. Staging site can be created and synced in one click
  4. Excellent page performance tool that offers recommendations for greater speed
  5. Free SSL certificate through “Let’s Encrypt”
  6. Latest version of PHP
  7. Proactive detection and elimination of malware
  8. Multiple, powerful firewalls between your data and threats
  9. See access and error logs directly from the WordPress dashboard
  10. Redirect rules

We’ll install and configure a full suite of WordPress plugins, including:

  • Yoast SEO: Customize a wide range of search engine optimization needs such as titles and per-page META descriptions.
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Adds custom fields to the standard WordPress editor, making it easier & faster to manage your content.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: Displays Google Analytics reports in your WordPress Dashboard, as well as in-depth reports providing performance details for each post or page.
  • Autoptimize: Speeds up the site by aggregating and minimizing JS, CSS and HTML.
  • TinyMCE Advanced: Enables advanced features in WordPress’ rich-text editor.
  • CodePress Admin Columns: Customizes default admin display columns.

Peng & Weber will be responsible for paying hosting fees to WP Engine separately.


A2: Switchover of staging site to production

Includes redirection of old pages to their counterparts on the new site.


total for infrastructure


section b: design

B1: Custom WordPress theme design

The intuitive and accessible design will reflect our clean, polished style. Instead of filling the design with bells and whistles, we’ll prioritize the content, closer in style to a newspaper than magazine. Users will be able to find good information – quickly.

We’ll advise Peng & Weber during the content review and restructuring process (preferably through an on-site meeting at Peng & Weber’s office) to ensure the most successful outcome.

Rather than creating a desktop design and then figuring out how it will appear in mobile, we’ll consider the full range of devices from the initial design stage.

Includes 2 rounds of drafts incorporating Peng & Weber’s feedback.


total for design


section c: development & content

C1: Custom WordPress theme development

Following best practices, the rock-solid theme’s foundation will be based on our custom combination of:

  1. Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive projects on the web.
  2. Underscores, a starter HTML5 WordPress theme built by the company behind

The fully responsive website will be based on our design comps. We’ll code the website so that Peng & Weber can easily change copy, images and navigation menu items, without knowing HTML or PHP.

Features will include:

  • Properly indented and commented HTML and CSS, built with SASS
  • Optimized images
  • Search engine optimization of code
  • Navigation menu with drop-downs
  • News blog
  • Search tool
  • Contact/feedback form
  • Robust footer
  • Sidebar links
  • Simple social sharing tools for users

We’ll repeatedly run the site through Google PageSpeed Insights during development, to ensure it’s configured to run quickly. The site will use well-coded, best-of-breed plugins to ensure it’s as light a download as possible.

Includes 2 rounds of edits, as well as Testing & QA.


C2: Translated microsites

We’ll develop simple sections in different languages (Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese).


C3: Create content structure in WordPress

We’ll create the directory & template structure in WordPress. Peng & Weber can then start populating the beta site with content, and can experiment with content structure.

Peng & Weber will be able to add, edit and delete pages themselves through WordPress once the site is launched. We can provide formatting assistance, if needed, at a cost of $125/hour.


total for development & content


section d: training

D1: Training on how to maintain site

Empowering clients to maintain their own sites is one of the Studio’s strengths. Our WordPress training will take place via phone and screen-sharing software, in a single session.


total for training


total for overall project


section e: ongoing maintenance

E1: Upgrades

WordPress offers an easy upgrade system for its core and plugins; after the end of our initial contract, we’re available to install upgrades as they’re released, at our hourly rate.


E2: Technical support

Peng & Weber will have full access to upload and edit content on the site, but we’ll be available via phone or email for any questions that come up. As feedback comes in from users, we can work with Peng & Weber to add new features at our hourly rate.


about this estimate

Project estimates are valid for 90 days from the date of this estimate. Jeff Brock Studio may re-estimate the project if, upon receipt of all project elements, we determine the scope of the project has been altered dramatically from the originally agreed upon concept.

bug-free guarantee

We warrant that for 30 days following the launch of the website, the site will be free from programming errors. If any errors or other defects are discovered during the warranty period, we’ll promptly remedy them at our own expense.

payment plan

Once we and Peng & Weber agree upon the elements in this Proposal, we’ll convert it into a Work Plan and will prepare a Web Design & Development Agreement. A deposit of $4,500 (50% of the estimated cost of the project) will be due when Peng & Weber electronically signs the Agreement.

A deposit of $4,500 (50% of the estimated cost of the project) is due when Peng & Weber electronically signs this Agreement.

We can begin work on the project once we receive the signed Agreement and the deposit. Peng & Weber can send the deposit to us by:

  1. Jeff Brock Studio’s PayPal account, [email protected], with debit/credit card
  2. Jeff Brock Studio’s Venmo account
  3. Overnight mail
  4. Regular U.S. mail

Development will take place on Peng & Weber’s WP Engine webserver. After Peng & Weber has reviewed the beta version of the site and is ready to launch, we’ll send a Completion Invoice for the remaining amount due. Once Peng & Weber has paid the Completion Invoice, we will make the site live within 1 business day. Peng & Weber can pay by regular U.S. mail; by overnight mail; or by debit/credit card into Jeff Brock Studio’s PayPal account ([email protected]) or Venmo account.