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Jeff Brock is a charismatic, right-and-left-brained communicator with more than 26 years expertise in web design and web development. He’s a photographer and AI artist, with a background in journalism and media relations. The WordPress expert has spoken at WordCamp conferences in Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.

A graduate of Stanford University, he’s committed to social change. He worked at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation from 1996-2007 (first as media spokesperson, and then webmaster). He bicycled 585 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in AIDS/LifeCycle, raising thousands of dollars for the AIDS Foundation. Some of his recent work for nonprofits includes the Pride Foundation, OneAmerica, and Amara.

Jeff lives in Washington state’s northern Olympic Peninsula, home to glittery vampires, strolling Sasquatch, and the floating Lady of the Lake.

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Jeff Brock

Software, Scripting Languages & Artificial Intelligence

  • PHP 8.2
  • WordPress 6.5 (including WordPress MultiSite)
  • MySQL 8
  • HTML5
  • JSON
  • JavaScript, AJAX & jQuery
  • Stable Diffusion XL & LoRA (Low Rank Adaptation) models, DALL•E 3
  • AI prompt engineering
  • Git & GitHub Copilot
  • RESTful web services, APIs, RSS, XML & SOAP 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Nginx & Apache
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress SEO

Web Experience

10/07 – present: Owner, Jeff Brock Studio. Design and develop websites for wide variety of clients, ranging from large non-profits and enterprises, to law firms and restaurants. Special focus on WordPress. (View complete portfolio.)

4/10 – 4/16: Manager of Web & Design Services, BioBricks Foundation. Oversaw all the organization’s sites, including biobricks.org, the BioBrick Public Agreement framework (biobricks.org/bpa), openwetware.org, and SBx.0 International Meetings on Synthetic Biology.

4/00 – 10/07, 4/97 – 8/99: Web Producer / Content Manager, San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Provided vision and creative talent in using the web to serve the AIDS Foundation’s varied constituents. Gave thousands of participants in AIDS/LifeCycle charity bike ride the tools to build homepages and online donation forms, send 275,000 e-cards and post 12,000 blog entries, raising more than $40 million over 7 years. Managed and programmed all of the organization’s websites, including SFAF.org, AIDSLifeCycle.org, tspsf.com (The Speed Project) and pgaf.org (Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation). Coordinated more than 1,300 articles as content manager. Created advanced interaction tools in ColdFusion MX. Administered Linux webserver. Supervised Web Services Associate. For 2006 redesign, took SFAF.org through project management life cycle: analysis, design, development, deployment and support.

  • Content Management/Information Architecture
    Built a powerful browser-based content management system and integrated content of websites into a database, allowing staff to upload text, images and PDFs. Devised user-friendly information architecture in collaboration with department directors. Maximized cross-referencing of content. Wrote original articles, repurposed print publications, and copy edited text for style and usability. Updated sites with late-breaking news. Chose items to highlight on home pages and wrote headlines.
  • Design/Photography
    Oversaw visual design for websites, working with contractors when necessary. Built complex CSS-driven layouts. As a skilled digital-SLR photographer, managed AIDS/LifeCycle’s annual “Experience the Event” web coverage, with thousands of photos. Prepared multimedia content for the web, including authoring PDFs, editing/compressing video and audio, creating graphics, and shooting, selecting, cropping, color correcting, manipulating and tagging RAW photos.
  • Interactivity/Usability
    Coordinated usage of application services provider Convio to communicate with constituents (such as event participants, donors, and grassroots advocates) and advised staff on designing effective campaigns. Built and managed extensive system for AIDS/LifeCycle participants to create homepages, fundraise, and take part in discussion forum. Programmed secure donation and registration forms. Monitored traffic and search patterns to enhance usability.
  • Technical Administration
    Created and maintained MySQL databases. Made root-level changes on remotely hosted Linux Dedicated Virtual webserver. Monitored uptime, efficiency, backups, security logs, and error notices. Installed and managed SSL certificates. Registered domain names. Managed URL rewrites/redirects. Adhered to web-coding standards and best practices.

8/99 – 8/00: Associate Editor, Satellite Sites/eCenters, PlanetRx.com. Oversaw content for some of the Web’s most prominent chronic-condition health sites, including: Diabetes.com, Hepatitis.com, Depression.com, Alzheimers.com, and Arthritis.com. Also maintained comprehensive sites on allergies, asthma, digestive health, and colds & flu. Wrote articles, headlines, display copy, newsletters, and text for interactive tools, including quizzes, polls, and health advisors. Edited articles by health experts and freelance medical reporters. Chose photos, graphics, and article placement. Collaborated with IT project managers, staff pharmacists, message board coordinators, non-profit health partners, and pharmaceutical sponsors.

Media Experience

From 1993 – 1999, worked as a reporter for Metro Newspapers in San Jose, California; a freelance writer in San Francisco for SOMA Magazine and Children’s Advocate Newsmagazine; and Media Relations Associate at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.


9/89 – 6/93: Stanford University, Stanford, Calif. Graduated with a B.A. in Sociology. Studied international media in a one-on-one tutorial at Oxford University. Speak, read and write Spanish.

4/09 – 6/09: Graphic Design I, Portland Community College (Rock Creek).


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