Work Style

Community Garden, Portland

We use our time efficiently and are enthusiastically meticulous! We write clean code that is fast loading; is compliant with current web standards/best practices; and is easy for search engines to index.


Before uploading anything to your live production server, we test on our development and staging servers in these browser/OS combinations:

  • Chrome 41 (Windows 7 & Mac OSX)
  • Firefox 36 (Windows 7 & Mac OSX)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8)
  • Internet Explorer 8 (Windows 7)
  • Safari 8 (Mac OSX)


Using a customized support documentation website — and non-techie English — we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your website and how to keep it successful. We may also conduct an on-screen training, or an on-site training if you work in the Seattle, Washington area.

Time tracking

Using the giddily effective TSheets time-tracking tool, we keep close track of time spent on each project (and sub-project) and give our clients detailed reports along with our invoices.