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PCC Rock Creek, Portland, Oregon
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With 26 years’ experience working in the Web, Jeff Brock Studio applies a wide range of technical and creative expertise to enhance our clients’ web presence. Our philosophy is to empower our clients with tools and training so they can manage their own content after we launch their sites.

We use our time efficiently and are enthusiastically meticulous. We write clean code that is fast loading; is compliant with current web standards/best practices; and is easy for search engines to index. We have a robust testing environment with multiple web browsers and operating systems, as well as version control so we can easily revert to earlier variations of code. We build infrastructure with an eye toward enabling future site expansion.


Before uploading anything to your live production server, we test on our development and staging servers in latest versions of these browser/OS combinations:

  • Chrome (Windows 11 & Mac OSX)
  • Firefox (Windows 11 & Mac OSX)
  • Safari (Mac OSX)
  • Microsoft Edge (Windows 11)


Using non-techie language we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about your website and how to keep it successful. We may also conduct an on-screen training, or an on-site training if you work in the Seattle, Washington area.

Time tracking

Using the giddily effective QuickBooks Time, we keep close track of time spent on each project (and sub-project) and give our clients detailed reports along with our invoices.

We Empower Clients Nationwide